Outlet timer 1 minute intervals

24-Hour Indoor Plug-In 1-Outlet Timer: 24-Hour 1-Outlet Plug In Mechanical Timer (2-Pack) 15 Amp 24-Hour Indoor Plug-In Heavy-Duty Mechanical Timer with 2-Grounded Outlets, White ... programmable push of a pin. Just push down the pins (ensuring all pins are pulled up first), each representing a 30-minute interval, for the times you want your ...You can also set a custom countdown timer (up to 24 hours 1 minute intervals). Features: one (1) polarized outlet- located on the right side of the timer, a large digital display, and blue LED indicator lights next to each button to show active programs compatible with LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs, also works with dimmable LED and ...1.A. The Units of Time Interval and Frequency Stopwatches and timers are instruments used to measure time interval, which is defined as the elapsed time between two events. One common example of a time interval is our age, which is simply the elapsed time since our birth. Unlike a conventional clock that displays time-of-day 3 Separate timer-controlled outlets ; Each Outlet Up to 5 on/off times per day ; 24 hours digital timer with 1 minute setting intervals and separate day controls. Great for switching Light, Pumps, Fans and etc. Alternate day-night cycles.